US based Ghanaian diva is promoting her Ghanaian culture and heritage

US Based Ghanaian Diva - Nana Ama Morton Who Is Promoting Ghanaian Dishes To The World

Many Ghanaians who find themselves off the shores of their homeland, the desire to put the country on world map is becoming a conscious trait to pick.

This is the case of one US based Ghanaian diva named Nana Ama Morton. Known in her social cycles as Ola Fante Gyal, Nana Ama Morton is promoting her Ghanaian culture and heritage precociously in an area that no one is doing any better than her.

The Ghanaian diva who hails from Cape Coast in the Central Region of Ghana prepares sumptuous Ghanaian local dishes on live social media channels to promote Ghanaian food tourism in the United States. Speaking on her motivation in seeking to sell local Ghanaian cuisines abroad, the Ola Dante Gyal noted that most Ghanaians turn away from their traditional dishes once they travel out of the country and this is a way of denying one’s identity. She just simply believes in the fact that where we find ourselves should not prevent us from preparing and eating our local delicacies.

Nana Ama Morton believes food is a form of tourism and as such can be her best way of projecting and promoting her motherland to the whole world. She prepares dishes like fufu with palm nut soup, mpɔtɔmpɔtɔm, fante kenkey, aprepresa, ɛbunu ɛbunu, banku with okra soup/stew among others for the world to see. She enjoys huge followers and fans for her special online cuisines.

Watch few kitchen sessions with her


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