10 veteran Ghanaian actors whose comeback will bring so much vibe to our industry


Gone are the days when there was ‘life’ in the Ghanaian movie industry. Gone are the days when movie lovers had to wait after 10 p.m. just to catch a glimpse of what’s fresh and ‘popping’ on GTV.
veteran Ghanaian actors whose comeback will rejuvenate our industry

The story has changed due to the influx of social media viral content. Back in the day, it was difficult to get access to free movie content – most especially the rated ones. This is why movie content was controlled. But the narrative has now changed – we are moving forward.

Back then, actors like Regina Pornotey, Monica Quacopoome, Victor Lutterodt, Mac Jordan Amartey, Kofi Bucknor, Kofi Middleton-Mends, Professor Martin Owusu, Brew Riverson Jnr, Grace Nortey, Grace Omaboe (Maame Dokono), Omanza Shaw, David Dontoh, Akorfa Edjeani-Asiedu, Sheila Nortey, Edinam Atatsi, Mawuli Semevor, Mary Yirenkyi, Nat Banini, Eunice Banini, Adjoa Pieterson, Kojo Demanya, George Williams, Dzifa Gomashie, and Juliet Asante offered Ghanaians great excitement. Their presence on the screens was a whole mood on its own.

However, the new crop of actors has taken over the screens, limiting the veterans’ appearance on the screens. Some appear once in a blue moon – others are completely lost in the system.

Most of them blame their absence on the emergence of the new actors while the new crop of directors claim the veterans have worn out.

Whatever be the case, some veteran actors have what it takes to reinvigorate the industry and would give a true meaning to our storylines.

Below is a list of top 10 veteran Ghanaian actors whose comeback will make our industry interesting.

1. Grace Nortey

Grace Nortey

Before Patience Ozorkwor stormed the African movie scene, we had the fierce, no-nonsense Grace Nortey. The actress who is the true definition of ‘African mother’. Her character in movies like “Expectations”, “Jewels”, “Baby Thief” and “Lost Hope” can still be replicated in modern movies today and would give the same sensation.

2. Abusuapanin Judas

Abusuapanin Judas

He might be verbally abusive, but Judas is the real definition of an ‘African conservative man’. He shows no mercy when you offend him and would quickly put you in your place. His pairing with the late John Evans Bosompem ‘Bob Santo’ in movies back then offered pure entertainment and genuine satisfaction. Despite Santo’s demise, he can still pair flawlessly with the likes of Agya Koo, Lil Win and Akrobeto.

3. Akofa Edjeani-Asiedu

Akofa Edjeani Asiedu and Fred Amugi

Her role in the drama film “My Mother’s Heart” is the most iconic of her career – and anyone who watched the film can attest to this. The display of her meekness, coupled with her hardihood in drama films create an atmosphere where everyone watching her can relate to her act. Akofa is extremely good at acting and would bring back the joy we’ve all been yearning for if she returns to the screen.

4. Augustine Abbey (Idi Koko)

Augustine Abbey (Idi Koko)

Before Lil Win, Idi Koko was the ‘eish’ on television. Idi played a ‘rotational’ role; from being a drunkard to a security officer to a banker to a ‘419’ to a wealthy man. His multi-talent still gives him the upper-hand over some of the current crop of actors. He is indeed strong enough to play roles today and would be even better than some of the current ones.

5. Edinam Atatsi

Edinam Atatsi

Her ostentatious character, coupled with her ‘depressed’ nature in her movies make her different from others. Her tears stir emotions, her lies are so tough and her men-snatching strategy is what most ‘slay queens’ have accommodated today. If she returns, most of the new crop of actresses will pack their bags and exit the industry.

6. Bob Smith Jnr (Diaboloman)

Bob Smith Jnr (Diabolo)

“Na wo y3 owo!” – undoubtedly the most popular term back in the day and it was because of the ‘diabolo man’, Bob Smith Jnr. His iconic role in the movie “Lucifer” is still fresh. Before the Hollywood musical “Mamma Mia”, he had starred in and played an incomparable role a movie under the same title. His wily nature and masterplan for murder and evil doings in his movies will still help him fit in the contemporarily Ghanaian movies.

7. Brew Riverson Jnr

A perfect fit for action and thrillers, Brew Riverson Jnr will bring back those nostalgic feelings if allowed to return. His smartness, stature and gangster portrayal can still grant him a place in current movies when given the chance.

8. Grace Omaboe (Maame Dokono)

Maame Dokono real name Grace Omaboe

The name Maame Dokono alone is enough to let you know that she’s still needed in the industry. Talk of African mothers, she faultlessly portrays the character to the extent of believing her act was real. Her strict nature (no-nonsense), wickedness and firm decisions (her ‘yes’ will always be ‘yes’ and ‘no’ will always be ‘no’) are enough reasons to bring her back onto the screen.

9. Rose Mensah (Kyeiwaa)


Bearing Maame Dokono and Grace Nortey’s traits, Kyeiwaa is the hallmark of witchcraft and wickedness. She can be sly sometimes but ultimately her way of facing her in-laws when issues arise in marriages/relationships is what brings her real talent. She’s a hero and would be a perfect fit in any movie today.

10. Kofi Adu (Agya Koo)

Kumawood actor Agya Koo

Before Lil Win, there was Agya Koo – and his fire hasn’t quenched yet still. Just like Idi Koko, he plays a rotational role and plays so well when given the chance. He possesses a strong comic character which is still valuable today and would make good use of it when he gets a role.

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