Tracy Boakye At It Again With More Insults – Video


Tracey Boakye has not learned any lessons from all that has happened in the past week and is still out there talking without thinking.

Tracey has once again taken to social media, put on her hair bonnet and launched an attack.

This time her anger is directed at the Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG), which had announced that the actress was suspended for her recent activities.

In a statement, FIPAG said Tracey’s actions in recent weeks have been an affront to Ghanaian culture and values and thus she’s being suspended until recent acts have been reviewed.

“…FIPAG wishes to render an unqualified apology to the general public and man involved for her behaviour as that display of character does not represent what the film industry stands for or wishes to propagate. We wish that Ghanaians will find a space in their hearts to forgive her,” the statement said.

It added: “In view of this, FIPAG has immediately suspended miss Tracey Boakye indefinitely. She is not supposed to take part in any of the activities during this period until the situation is reviewed.”

But Tracey upon hearing of the suspension simply went bonkers and attacked FIPAG on social media.

According to her, she’s not even a member of the organisation but she’s an independent producer.

She told them to stay in their lane and leave her to do her job in peace and not try to use her current issues for publicity.

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