“People Said I Was Too Young” – 28-year-old Ghanaian Lady Marks Her 10 Years Marriage Anniversary


 A gorgeous young lady has got people showering her with praises after she shared lovely photos of her family on the internet to mark their 10 years marriage anniversary with touching message to her husband.

Everyone wishes to someday fall in love with the right person and spend the rest of their lives with them until the end. Marriage is undoubtedly one of the happiest moment in the life of many young people especially when they find themselves with the right person. Marriage enable people to produce kids of their own and make a happy family together until death do them apart.

Marriage comes with a lot of criticisms from society and other family members considering the kind of partner a person chooses . I think this is a decision which must be taken by a person without the influence or criticisms from the society especially the ladies. The lady featured in this article was one of those who was heavily criticized by many people after she made her decision to marry at a tender age.

She took to social media to celebrate her 10 years marriage anniversary together with her husband and their adorable kids.

According to the lady in the touching message to her husband, she got heavily criticized by people considering the age at which she accepted to tie the knot with him. People considered her as a kid and doesn’t  know what she was doing on arriving at such decision.

She used the opportunity to thank her lovely husband for considering her even though she was an SHS graduate when he asked for her hand in marriage. Saying yes to his proposal was the best decision she ever made in her life says the lady in the lovely message.

The beautiful lady shared the lovely photos with the touching caption to her husband which reads:

“The world said I was too young. People said I wasn’t sure what I was doing. Oh at some point, I truly wondered why a self-made man asked an shs graduate to marry him. But that was the best decision I have ever had to make. God bless the day I misplaced my phone with Afia Sarpong and Uncle Agyekum. I wouldn’t have met you at mtn Ghana.

God bless my late mother, who was my supporter, cheering me on and always treating you like and egg. God bless vals day when you asked me to be your wife”

Below is a screenshot of her touching message to her beloved husband.

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