Joyselyn Dumas Dares Anyone Who Has Evidence Of Her Performing Surgery To Enhance Her Body To Come Out


Popular Ghanaian actress and TV personality, Joselyn Dumas has complained about, her tired she is of hearing people say she has enhanced her body

According to the actress she is fed up about the allegations and has dared anyone who has an evidence to this, to come out

Recently news broke about her going for surgery, on Princess Shyngle’s blog where she posted a “before and after” pic of Joselyn and wrote, “This our fine aunty is also claiming real body oh 🤣😂 I am not understanding 🤷🏾‍♀️ anyways let us just close our eyes and believe her 😂🤣 she just slept and woke up transformed 😂😂 she’s very beautiful sha 😍🥰”.

Ghanaian blogger Ameyaw Debrah, reached out Joselyn Dumas on Whatsaap and this was what he had to say, “Honestly I’ve had it with these bullshit stories about my body. I’d very much like to focus on more important life changing issues. Anybody who thinks they have a receipt or went with me to get my body done should come forward and present it otherwise they should keep my name out of your their attention seeking posts, i’m so tired chale!! Mabre!!


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