I am not a Slay Queen anymore; I have learnt my Lessons- Hamamat Montia


          Hamamat Montia

According to her, she used to be a slay queen when she was in her twenties and lived the life that came with it but it also made her see life in a different tone.

She shared this piece ahead of her birthday in a day’s time.

The mother of three wrote; “I used to be a “slay queen” when I was much younger and clueless. Don’t get me wrong being a slay queen was so much fun I had many amazing experiences & learnt countless important lessons(and not all slay queens “sleep around “ some are just very smart at keeping men on the hunt for long ) but I soon realized it was all a trap and wasn’t the kind of life I wanted to live.”

“How will you know if you don’t try ? Huh!… and after I became a beauty Queen at 18 , I really just wanted to chill . Name the country – I have been there.
Name the fashion – I wore it
Name the lifestyle – I have tried it
In fact my summer car choices was between a Ferrari & a Rolls Royce but this also taught me a valuable lesson.”

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