Ghanaians who play tribal politics are the problems of Ghana- Yvonne Nelson


Renowned Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson  has suggested in a tweet that Ghanaians who play tribal politics are the problems of Ghana.

According to Yvonne Nelson who is known to be a staunch member of the NPP, people have the perception that their tribes tie them to a particular political party.

She suggested that most Ashantis support NPP because they are Ashantis, and fail to criticize them when they go wrong.

She also added that Ewes support NDC because they are Ewes and also fail to criticize the NDC when they do anything misleading.

The actress added that supporting a political party because you come from a particular tribe is the main reason why Ghana has failed to progress in all aspects.

In a tweet sighted by us, she wrote; “By force i must support NPP because I’m Ashanti! By force i must support NDC because my parents are from the volta region, even when they are misleading GH! YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!!!! “

See tweet below;


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